Montag, 18. Juni 2018

Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017

My year 2017

2017 was a really awesome and busy year! I had the pleasure to work with some great companies and publishing houses. 
I wrote and illustrated many books and products and I received lots of wonderful samples:

I had the opportunitiy to illustrate and design the new christmas collection for kids for the moses Verlag - 
which was one of my absolute favorite jobs ever! Here are some products from the collection:

I´m over the moon that my books are now available in so many different countries!

In may I showed my art for the first time at a trade show in New York: the Blueprint show. This was a little bit crazy, 
as I was busy already and taking time for the show was not easy for me. But this was something I wanted so much that 
I just did it. The show was a great experience and I met so many wonderful people. It was a fantastic time in New York.

Unfortunately I won´t be back in 2018. There are many reasons for my decision. The biggest one is, that first and foremost
 I´m a children´s book illustrator and writer and I want to concentrate on this in 2018. It´s also very expensive and
timeintense and for me (as a „parttime“ surface designer) I don´t think that it really pays off. But  I loved the atmosphere
and being together with like-minded people so much that perhaps showing with a small group of other artist would be a
good possibility for the future. We will see...

I also met two agents from Plum Pudding illustration agency at the Blueprintshow and I´m happy to announce that they 
now represent me for children´s books in the UK and USA. Have a look at my portfolio here:

In 2018 I want to slow down a little bit and take me more time for own projects (especially books). I also want to learn and  
try out new things. Instead of showing myself I will visit the Bologna children´s book fair and I hope to meet some of you 

I wish you all a wonderderful christmas time and a happy new Year!


Montag, 10. Juli 2017

New book release: Wer macht Dornröschen wach? (magellan)

This is my newest activity book for magellan: Who wakes up the sleeping beauty?

Und mein neuestes Mitmachbuch für magellan: Wer macht Dornröschen wach?

new book release: magellan, Die bunte Weihnachtszeit

This book is also for the Colorful world: The colorful Christmas Time (magellan)

Und hier endlich auch ein Buch für Weihnachten! Die bunte Weihnachtszeit (magellan)

new book release: Die bunten Fahrzeuge (magellan)

And here is the first of three new books for magellan, this one is for the series colorful world: Colorful vehicles

Und hier das erste von drei neuen Büchern für magellan, dieses ist für die Buchserie bunteWelt:
Die bunte Fahrzeuge

New book release: Versteckt? Entdeckt! Sauerländer

It´s time for new book releases for the fall season, here is the first one:

Mein neues Buch für den Sauerländer Verlag ist da: Versteckt? Entdeckt!

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

Blueprintshow New York

I have Big News to announce! I will show my designs and illustrations at the Blueprint Show in new York! The show will run from the 21st – 23rd of May.

The Blueprintshow is a boutique trade show for designers and artists to show their work to manufacturers and publishers. 

Showing at a trade show like Surtex was my big goal for this year and it will be my first show ever. I heard of Surtex three years ago when I started my career in surface design and since then I was totally obsessed with the idea to be part of this event. But the  Surtex show is so expensive and complicated and big and overwhelming that I was totally excited when I heard of the Blueprintshows. 
I think this is the best show for me, with supporting people and a relaxed atmosphere. I´m really looking forward to this adventure!

At the moment I produce lots of new work for my portfolio and try to do a little bit marketing. This not easy as I also have to work on a few new books, games and other commissions. And not to forget my kids. But being excited seems to be a good booster;)