Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

Blueprintshow New York

I have Big News to announce! I will show my designs and illustrations at the Blueprint Show in new York! The show will run from the 21st – 23rd of May. 


The Blueprintshow is a boutique trade show for designers and artists to show their work to manufacturers and publishers. 

Showing at a trade show like Surtex was my big goal for this year and it will be my first show ever. I heard of Surtex three years ago when I started my career in surface design and since then I was totally obsessed with the idea to be part of this event. But the  Surtex show is so expensive and complicated and big and overwhelming that I was totally excited when I heard of the Blueprintshows. 
I think this is the best show for me, with supporting people and a relaxed atmosphere. I´m really looking forward to this adventure!

At the moment I produce lots of new work for my portfolio and try to do a little bit marketing. This not easy as I also have to work on a few new books, games and other commissions. And not to forget my kids. But being excited seems to be a good booster;)

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